Wie alt muss man sein, um ein brasilianisches Waxing zu bekommen?

How old do you have to be to get a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian waxing is the removal of unwanted hair in the pubic area, where either all the hair is removed or a small pattern is left behind, as in Bikini vs. Brazilian Waxing: What’s the Difference?

Pubic hair begins to grow during puberty and becomes thicker and coarser after the age of 15. At this age, most teenagers want to try Brazilian waxing because it is so popular among adults.

But can teenagers get Brazilian waxing? Then let's talk about how old you have to be to get Brazilian waxing. And what are the regulations for Brazilian waxing in different countries?

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At what age can you get a Brazilian wax?

Teenagers often request a Brazilian wax so that unwanted pubic hair does not interfere with their physical activities such as gymnastics and swimming. Some also want it for sexual intercourse, which is not considered legal under a certain age.

While the age for Brazilian waxing varies from country to country and state to state, a teenager must be over 16 or 18 years old to get a Brazilian wax.

Can minors get a Brazilian wax?

Many teenagers experience puberty at a very early age, which means they also develop pubic hair earlier than expected. Therefore, there is an increased demand for Brazilian waxing among minors.

Due to the increased demand, most countries have no legal restrictions or verified laws regarding Brazilian waxing at a young age. However, not all teens can get Brazilian waxing as it is an invasive procedure that involves an unknown person touching the intimate area of ​​the body.

Due to age reasons, children under 12 years old cannot get Brazilian waxing. A child between 12 and 14 years old can get Brazilian waxing depending on their condition.

Anyone over the age of 14 can get a Brazilian wax. However, teens under 16 must have a parent present during the waxing, and teens between 16 and 18 need written parental consent to get a Brazilian wax.

The same guidelines apply to waxing the bikini area.

Individual salon guidelines

Since there are no legal guidelines for Brazilian waxing, salons set their own guidelines, which vary from salon to salon.

In the USA, the minimum age for Brazilian waxing is 18 years. The situation is similar in the UK and Europe, where the minimum age for Brazilian waxing is 16 years.

Factors to consider for younger customers

If the teenager is in the presence of his parents or is over the age limit for Brazilian waxing specified by the salon, he can get a Brazilian wax. But here are some points that young clients should keep in mind.

  • Since they are getting waxed for the first time, their skin is sensitive, so the waxing specialist needs to be gentler.
  • The type of wax is chosen depending on the thickness of the hair and the pain tolerance of the client.
  • A Brazilian wax can be uncomfortable at first, so customers should be informed about this beforehand.

Alternative hair removal methods for young people

We have already talked about the “ Hair removal methods for teenage boys and girls: which is the best? ” In detail: Here is a brief explanation of the alternative hair removal methods for teens that help teenagers get rid of their pubic hair without visiting a salon.

  1. Shave

Since young skin is more sensitive to pain, shaving should be the first choice for hair removal for teenagers. The teenager must be instructed on how to shave properly to avoid cuts or scratches.

You need to choose a razor that has a design that is compatible with the curved area of ​​pubic hair. Also, the razor needs to be cleaned before and after each use.



Almost painless



Can be repeated if necessary

Requires little time

Works well on thin to thick hair

Risk of cuts, scratches and ingrown hairs

Fast hair regrowth

Frequent replacement of the razor required

  1. Depilatory creams

The second and easiest way to remove unwanted pubic hair for young people is to use depilatory creams. You need to make sure the cream is suitable for the teenager's skin by doing a patch test.

While depilatory creams used to have a poor consistency and a bad smell, today the compositions are much better.




Easy to execute

Almost painless and comfortable

Lasts longer than a shave

Also suitable for hidden areas

Possibility of an allergic reaction

Chemical burns if used for too long

A lasting smell

A bit messy

  1. Epilating/Trimming

For young people who want to remove their hair from the roots but for some reason can't get a Brazilian wax, epilation is worth a try. An epilator uses blades and coils to remove unwanted hair and produce long-lasting results.

However, you need to be careful when epilating pubic hair for the first time and also mentally prepare yourself for the pain.



Lasts for a few weeks

No need to shave every other day

Durable and economical devices

The density and thickness of the hair decreases over time

No side effects from shaving or depilatory creams

Extremely painful

May tug on the skin

Time consuming

  1. Hair removal pads

Hair removal pads are a sandpaper-like material that has a rough surface. You rub this surface over the skin in circular motions and the hair strands fall off by clumping. While it is a good option for the legs, it may not be a wise decision to try in the pubic area.



Pleasant experience

Peeling for the skin

Not expensive

Gentle hair trimming

May irritate skin

Time consuming

  1. IPL hair removal

Now let's talk about the best hair removal option for girls over 15. They don't have to wait until they are 18 to get Brazilian waxing for smooth skin when they can get rid of unwanted pubic hair easily with Ulike Air 3 IPL hair removal for pubic hair .



Almost painless

Results that last 6 months or longer

Saves money in the long run

Can also be used on other parts of the body and face

Easy to use

Safe and FDA approved


Initially, the sessions must be repeated


Although children and teens are developing their pubic hair earlier than in the past, not all of them can get Brazilian hair removal. There is an age restriction and parental consent when it comes to getting Brazilian waxing in a salon.

Teenagers aged 16 to 18 are suitable for pubic hair waxing, however everyone must carefully consider their comfort level, pain tolerance and need for waxing before booking a session.

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