What Exactly is IPL?

A closer look into a new-era of hair removal.
The way we remove hair needed to change.
Traditional Methods

For far too long, we've accepted that removing hair has to be tedious, lead to skin irritation and be ingrained into our everyday routine. These traditional methods also only offer temporary fixes, allowing hair to regrow quickly. The pursuit of enduring, effective hair removal solutions has taken us beyond surface-level treatments into actual root-targeting techniques that harness powerful light to remove hair: laser and IPL.

IPL Solutions

While laser technology marked a significant advancement in hair removal, it also introduced inconveniences such as frequent clinic visits and painful treatments. Ulike IPL has been designed not only surpass surface-level solutions by addressing the root cause of hair growth for long-lasting results, but to do so without the associated pain — all from the comfort of home.

For far too long, we've accepted that removing hair has to be tedious, lead to skin irritation and be ingrained into our everyday routine. These traditional methods also only offer temporary fixes, allowing hair to regrow quickly. Ulike IPL is designed not only to surpass surface-level solutions by addressing the root cause of hair growth for long-lasting results, but to do so without the associated pain of clinical laser — all from the comfort of home.
The IPL process.
IPL uses light to target melanin (pigment) in the hair to disrupt the growth cycle and prevent hair regrowth, without damaging the skin.
The light passes through the skin's surface and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle.
The light is then converted to heat energy, disabling the hair follicle, resulting in thinner hair regrowth.
With consistent treatment, Ulike IPL eventually stops hair growth altogether.
Proven results.
Ulike 28-day clinical results from SGS Laboratory.
Hair density reduction
Hair length reduction
Hair count reduction
Dark Brown
Dark Blonde
Grey / White
Light Blonde
Is IPL right for you?

Because IPL works by targeting melanin, its effectiveness is based on the ratio between melanin in the skin and hair.

This means it can be less effective when targeting light colors due to lower melanin levels, and potentially unsafe for dark skin, which is rich in melanin and could absorb high levels of energy.

A decade of industry breakthroughs.
Sapphire Ice-Cooling Technology™
Combining our IPL efficiency with unrivalled skin protection — the Sapphire crystal retains a cool 65°F contact temperature even after 30 minutes of use. Protecting your skin against burns or any irritation. The treatment head is designed to fit flush against your skin, preventing any residue build-up and giving an optimized contact angle for more efficient hair removal.
Comparing hair removal methods.
Ulike IPL Laser Shave Cream Waxing
Long-lasting results
Safe for skin & no irritation
Nearly Painless
Quick at-home treatments
One-lifetime purchase

International medical and safety standards.

European Conformity
UK Conformity Assessment
Lab-Effectiveness Certificates
Industry Canada
Electromagnetic Certificates
Recommended by experts.
“I am to merge the most important findings in photomedicine research with Ulike’s robust research and development capabilities to attain industry breakthroughs with advanced beauty products.”
Professor M.R. Hamblin
Chief Scientific Advisor of Ulike Group
A former Principal Investigator at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, an Associate Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School and is now a Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg.
“What was only possible in a clinic a few years ago has become an effective and safe option for patients to undertake at the convenience and privacy of their own home.”
Dr. Davin Lim
Board-Certified Dermatologist
An Australian board-certified laser, procedural and aesthetic dermatologist. He is also a distinguished member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and sits on various advisory boards, including those of Galderma, Fraxel, and Syneron Candella.
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What Ulike IPL will do for you
What Ulike IPL will do for you
  • Hair reduction of 96% after 2 weeks .
  • Long-lasting hair removal
  • Keeps the skin cooled to 18°C ​​for completely pain-free full-body treatments.
  • Expert backed, clinically tested and Internationally regulated.
Understanding invidual's hair growth
Understanding invidual's hair growth
Hair growth is primarily regulated by hormones, particularly androgens, and is further shaped by genetic factors. These hormones activate hair follicles, with genetics influencing characteristics such as hair thickness and growth rate.

Factors like nutrition, blood circulation and environmental conditions contribute to overall hair health and growth patterns. These variations explain why individuals may experience differences in hair growth density and distribution across various parts of the body.

How to use
How to use

Shave and dry the treatment area.

Put on the protective glasses for your eyes.

Power on device — select desired intensity level and press to your skin.

Built-in UV protection
Built-in UV protection
At Ulike, we believe beautiful skin is healthy skin. We desgined and engineered the Air 3 with a 1mm UV filter that protects your skin from unwanted UV light, for total peace of mind.
Can I use IPL on my bikini line?
Can I use IPL on my bikini line?
Yes, Ulike IPL can be used on the skin around your genitals, such as the bikini area, Brazilian wax area, and buttocks. However, please do not use them directly on your genitals.
Air it all out.
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Is IPL safe for me?

IPL technology works best on the body areas with high contrast between hair color and skin tone, which means it is not suited for everyone and every body part. It is limited by IPL technology. It works least on black and dark brown skin tones and white, grey, red, and light blond hair color.

How often does the hair removal treatment need to take?

In order for a better hair removal result, we suggest you put the IPL hair removal handset vertically to your skin during the treatment and use it according to the frequency as below:
Week 1-4: Treat 3 times per week.
Week 5-12: Treat1-2 times per month.
*Increase treatment as needed.

How long will get the visible result?

With Air 10, you will begin to see visible reduction in hair growth in less than 2 weeks after treatment. With Air 3, you will see visible reduction in hair growth in less than 3 weeks after treatment.

Is IPL hair removal permanent?

IPL hair removal is not considered permanent, but it provides long-term reduction in hair growth. After achieving optimal results, maintenance typically requires only 1-2 sessions per month to sustain a completely hair-free effect.

Can I use IPL on tattoos?

No, it's not recommended to use IPL on tattoos as it can affect their appearance and lead to fading or discoloration.

Can IPL hair removal cause cancer?

No, IPL hair removal does not cause cancer. IPL uses non-ionizing light in the visible and infrared spectrum, not the harmful UV spectrum associated with cancer risk. Ulike's products are equipped with a 1mm UV filter to further minimize the risk of skin damage.

According to FDA’s regulations, permanent hair removal means ‘continued and steady reduction of hair over a prolonged period’, which we provide, though some may interpret the term ‘permanent’ differently. Please know that even the photo-therapy used in clinics is not entirely permanent.

Is IPL hair removal painful?

Ulike is the only company that adapts Sapphire Ice-Cooling patent technology to provide Painless treatments. Users will feel no pain during the treatment.