Was erwartet mich beim brasilianischen Waxing nach 2 Wochen?

What can I expect after 2 weeks of Brazilian waxing?

Brazilian waxing is a method of waxing that involves waxing all areas around the pubic area, such as the pubic bone, below the navel, external genital area and anus, sometimes leaving only a small strip of hair. This procedure removes hair completely from the root, but new hair growth can be observed after two weeks.

Two weeks after a Brazilian waxing is an important time because during this time problems often arise such as hair regrowth, slight irritation or redness, ingrown hairs and dry skin. Sometimes you may notice the appearance of bumps. These bumps are normal and are caused by inflammation.

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    Expected results of Brazilian waxing after 2 weeks

    Reduced hair regrowth

    Two weeks after Brazilian waxing, you can see significant changes in hair growth. Hair becomes finer and the rate of regrowth decreases over time. This is because waxing ultimately damages the hair follicles, causing hair to become thinner. However, how long a Brazilian wax lasts depends on several factors.

    Better flexibility

    Usually, it is the hair that makes the skin feel rough and coarse. Waxing helps to remove these hairs from the root, leaving the skin smooth. Waxing is a wonderful skin care method.

    Finer & softer hair than before

    Two weeks after a Brazilian wax, the hair becomes finer and thinner. This is because the hair follicle is severely damaged as the hair is pulled from the root. Since the hair follicle is damaged, the likelihood of the hair growing back thicker decreases over time.

    Better skin texture in the treatment area

    Waxing is a wonderful exfoliation that removes dead skin cells along with the hair. Waxing exfoliates the skin, removing impurities and dead skin cells and opening the pores. Shaving often leaves you with bumps and dry skin. This is not the case with waxing.

    Waxing smoothes the skin by unclogging pores and removes impurities that can cause infections.

    Less frequent sessions required

    Frequent waxing sessions not only help reduce hair growth but also reduce the number of sessions required for hair growth. Over time, hair becomes smoother and finer. The need for frequent waxing sessions is minimized because hairs can be easily pulled out or the growth of hair has largely stopped. Waxing also reduces hair growth, which helps reduce the need for fewer sessions.

    What problems occur 2 weeks after Brazilian waxing?

    While waxing is very beneficial, it also has its disadvantages. Most problems appear two weeks after waxing. Read on to understand what these problems are and how to solve them.

    Ingrown hair

    Ingrown hairs are a painful result of a waxing session. Ingrown hairs are simply caused by the hair that had to be pulled out curling in the wrong direction, namely into the skin itself. They appear as small red bumps that look and feel like a pimple.

    • Prevent ingrown hairs : Don't worry, ingrown hairs can be prevented by exfoliating regularly between waxing sessions. It is recommended to exfoliate 72 hours after waxing to avoid ingrown hairs. Wear loose clothing before and after waxing to avoid ingrown hairs.
    • Treating Ingrown Hairs : Ingrown hairs can be very painful and the sufferer may feel the need to pluck them out. Plucking ingrown hairs is strongly discouraged. Instead, apply a hot compress to reduce inflammation.

    Regrowth of hair and stubble

    The biggest disadvantage of waxing is the regrowth of hair and stubble. Two weeks after waxing, you may see small stubble because the hair growth process has started after removal. Regrowth cannot be completely prevented, but antidotes can be used to slow down the process of regrowth. The best thing is not to shave or remove the regrowing hair or stubble.

    Itching 2 weeks after Brazilian waxing

    It is possible to experience itching in the pubic area 2 weeks after Brazilian waxing. Many women are afraid of skin problems, but itching is a natural healing process after Brazilian waxing.

    Skin irritation and sensitivity problems

    Skin irritation or sensitivity problems are most likely caused by stress inflicted on the skin or by sensitive skin. Skin irritation can be prevented by taking the following measures:

    • Use an ice cube on the skin before and after waxing to minimize inflammation and rashes.
    • Peeling the day before and two days after waxing reduces the risk of irritation.
    • Use aloe vera gel to relieve irritation and itching.

    Redness on the skin and bumps after waxing

    A common skin condition after waxing is folliculitis, which appears as rashes or bumps. It is caused by the stress that is placed on the skin. The main cause of bumps and rashes is inflammation. Redness is also a common sign after waxing, which can last from a few minutes to a few weeks.

    • Treatment : These bumps and rashes should disappear on their own after a while. If not, you can use a mild cream to get rid of them. Aloe vera gel or cold compresses will relieve the inflammation immediately.
    • Prevention : Minimize the use of retinoids and perfumed products before and after waxing.

    Skin infection & pustules

    Infection is one of the most common problems that occur after waxing. This is often because the beautician did not clean their products properly or the products used are not suitable for the skin. Infections can be treated at home, but if the infection causes severe pain and fever occurs, you should definitely see a doctor.

    • Prevention : Avoid wearing tight clothing as this increases the risk of worsening the infection. Use an antibacterial soap after waxing to remove any bacteria.
    • Treatment : Infections can be treated at home with the help of cold or warm compresses and antibacterial creams.

    Important precautions for your next Brazilian waxing sessions

    Cleansing and peeling

    The genital area must be cleaned before and after waxing. Clean the skin after waxing preferably with an antibacterial soap to minimize the risk of infections. Exfoliate with a body scrub or a loofah a day or two before waxing to open up the skin. Exfoliations should be done 48 to 72 hours after waxing. Exfoliating immediately can exfoliate the skin excessively and lead to dryness and skin damage.

    personal hygiene

    Clean the area properly and wash it with warm water an hour or two before the treatment. Trim the hair to a length of 0.6 cm. If the hair is shorter or longer, the session will not be as effective and will be more painful.

    Fighting the pain properly

    For some people, waxing can be unbearably painful. To reduce the pain, you should take a painkiller such as Advil before the treatment. This can help minimize the pain and allow you to enjoy the waxing.

    Preventive measures to avoid problems after Brazilian waxing:

    • Use a soothing gel such as aloe vera gel to reduce the likelihood of inflammation.
    • Apply ice to the entire area to relieve pain and prevent further irritation.
    • Moisturize and exfoliate to slow down the growth process and keep skin supple.
    • Avoid scratching the itchy area.
    • Avoid hot baths and showers as these can irritate the skin. Preferably use cold or lukewarm water.
    • Avoid tanning or going to the sauna.


    Aftercare is the most important thing after a waxing session. If you neglect proper aftercare, the effectiveness of the Brazilian waxing will be compromised.

    • The waxed area needs to be regularly exfoliated and moisturized from time to time to keep the skin smooth.
    • Use anti-inflammatory products such as aloe vera gel, ice cubes and anti-inflammatory creams.
    • After Brazilian waxing, you should avoid sexual activity for up to two days as the skin in the genital area is still sensitive and this can lead to micro scars.
    • Exfoliate and moisturize two days after your Brazilian wax. Do this every 2 to 3 days.


    There are a number of problems that can arise 2 weeks after a Brazilian waxing treatment, so it is important to check your skin regularly. There are also some temporary problems that may require medical attention. Women who are new to Brazilian waxing can schedule a follow-up appointment with their aesthetician or dermatologist to make sure their pubic area is not at risk after a few weeks of waxing. You should also continue to moisturize your pubic area whenever possible to avoid any potential skin problems.

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