Ist der Bart-Halsausschnitt zu hoch? Die Methoden, um das zu beheben

Is the beard neckline too high? The methods to fix it

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Women are not the only creatures who have to strive to look perfect at every opportunity. Men also have a hard time maintaining their appearance. This is especially true when it comes to growing and maintaining their beard.

A perfectly grown beard with well-shaped edges and a neat neckline is easier said than done. That's why many men struggle with a high neckline and find it difficult to make it last.

Even though some men can get a perfect neckline sometimes, other times they accidentally cut the beard too short. So do you also have a beard neckline that is too high and are you looking for ways to correct it?

If so, we are here to help you with our easy-to-follow guide on how to fix a high beard neckline.

Table of contents:

How do you know if the beard neckline is too low or too high?

Before you learn how to fix a neckline that is too low or too high, you need to know what neckline length is considered appropriate and how to tell if your beard neckline is too high.

Here are a few tricks to help you determine if your neckline is OK or needs adjusting.

Ideal neckline position

The ideal position for the beard neckline is determined using the Adam's apple as a landmark. The Adam's apple is located in the middle of the neck. While it is not clearly visible in women, most men know its location and use it as a guide for the position of the neckline.

For most men, the neckline is about 1/2" to 1" above this point. To make it easier, you can measure it by holding 1 or 2 fingers above your Adam's apple. This point is the ideal place where the neckline should end.

You can also draw an imaginary line connecting the earlobes to a mark about 1 inch above the Adam's apple to find the perfect spot and angle the beard accordingly at your jawline.

Signs of a high neckline

Here are a few tips to help you know when your neckline is too high.

  • Hold 2 fingers horizontally above your Adam's apple and see where the neckline is placed accordingly. If it is directly above your fingers, the position is perfect. If it is below, your neckline is too low and if it is above your fingers, the neckline is too high.
  • Another way to judge the neckline from the front is to look in the mirror to see if the neckline is normal, too low or too high.
  • When it comes to the sides of the jawline, the neckline should be 1" to 2" inches below the actual jawline and cover it. It hides the skin tissue below the jawline. So pay attention to whether the skin tissue below the jawline is exposed or covered.
  • Finally, the beard neckline should look like it is naturally connected to the hairline. If it looks disconnected or distracting when connected to the hairline, it is too high.

Assessment of beard growth

The hair growth pattern in men is varied, as is the shape of the face and jawline. A common method to find the right neckline for you is the double chin method. This involves moving your chin down to create a false double chin. It can be used as a neckline.

As for face shape, round cutouts around the earlobes look presentable on small faces, while clear-cut cutouts suit round faces better.

How do you correct a beard neckline that is too high?

Once you know where your ideal neckline is, it's time to trim it perfectly and correct the high neckline.

Give your beard time to grow

First of all, there is not much you can do if your beard neckline has already been trimmed too low. You need to give it enough time to grow. Exactly how much time will it take to grow a beard?

You can also make it grow faster by following the tips and tricks in the How to accelerate beard growth naturally are described.

Now you might be wondering what to do during this time. Well, don't worry because we find ways to look good with a low neckline too.

If you have a long, full and thick beard, you should trim it a little. A short beard looks decent with a high neckline. You can also simply blend the beard and neckline so that they complement each other. Here's how to blend a beard.

And if the problem is still not solved, just use a high neck beard style until the hair grows. These styles include goatee, anchor, balbo and more.

Instructions for lowering the neckline

After you've grown out your beard neckline, here's a step-by-step guide to getting it to a proper length.

  • Determine the right neckline for yourself by following the methods mentioned in the overview above.
  • Then clean your face and wash your beard with warm water to make shaving easier.
  • Prepare your tools such as brush, beard trimmer, shaving cream, razor and aftershave.
  • After washing your beard, comb your hair to untangle it.
  • Keeping the imaginary neckline of the beard in mind, take the trimmer and start removing the hair along this imaginary line downwards. This will create an outline for the beard.
  • Then, using the same trimmer, trim the hair from bottom to top to create a beautiful and perfect neckline.
  • Then apply shaving foam to your neck and use the razor to remove any stray hairs below your neckline to achieve a well-groomed look.
  • When you're done, wash your face and neck to remove any shaving cream residue.
  • Apply an aftershave and enjoy a beautiful look.

Blend and rejuvenate the new neckline

It's important to note that the new neckline you create should blend well with the rest of your beard. It will look awkward or unnatural if the beard contrasts with the neckline.

Therefore, you should always match the new neckline to the shape and style of the rest of your beard to achieve a natural look.

When should you seek professional help?

If you are not satisfied with changing the beard style or trying to fix the broken neckline yourself, it is never too late to go to a professional and have your beard corrected.

You can also find more information on what men can do if their beard line is cut too high on a forum like Taptalk.

Beard care and styling tips

Here are some beard care and styling tips to help you show off your freshly trimmed beard.

Beard care tips

Here are some tips to maintain the health of your facial skin and beard.

  • Always wash your beard when you shower or wash your face. This way, no residue from shampoo or soap will build up in your hair and irritate your skin.
  • Pay attention to beard care and use beard oils or balms to moisturize the hair and prevent roughness. This will also help the skin underneath.
  • In addition, a facial moisturizer and aftershave are necessary to avoid the side effects of aggressive facial products.

Beard styling techniques

Some techniques for styling the beard are as follows:

  • Always remove stray hairs from your cheeks to maintain a clean look.
  • Find a suitable style for your beard that suits your face shape and neckline
  • Use a comb or beard brush to detangle the beard hairs before trimming to achieve a well-shaped beard without untidy hairs.
  • Twice a month, grooming your neckline may be enough to maintain the correct neckline. To do this, simply follow the outline of your current neckline.


Although a high neckline with a beard looks messy and unsightly, it is not as big a deal as it seems. You can give it time to grow and try to get a perfect beard line using the tips and instructions mentioned in this article.

It is also important to remember that rushing will not help, so you need to be patient with the beard growth, be careful when trimming to achieve precision, and groom it regularly to avoid a neckline that is too high.

Finally, don’t hesitate to try out different beard styles to find the one that best suits your facial features.

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