Kann ich das Philips Lumea für die Schamhaare verwenden?

Can I use the Philips Lumea device on my pubic hair?

The Philips Lumea device is an IPL hair removal device that is used to remove hair from various parts of the body. This device uses IPL technology and has a special attachment that is specifically designed for hair removal in the pubic area. If you are looking for a device for permanent hair removal in the pubic area, Philips Lumea is the right choice for you.

The Philips Lumea device is a trendy IPL hair removal device that is very popular among many people. The device is easy to use and has several amazing features. It gets the job done within a few weeks and leaves long-lasting and permanent results.

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    Introducing the Philips Lumea

    IPL is also known as Intense Pulsed Light and is a technology used to remove hair. Light beams or areas of light penetrate the skin. This light is then absorbed by a pigmenting substance called melanin. The melanin causes the hair follicle to return to the resting phase, causing the hair to fall out naturally.

    The Philips Lumea uses IPL technology to assist in hair removal. It uses gentle pulses of light that target the hair follicle and root, putting the hair into a resting phase. Over time, this causes the hair to thin and fall out permanently.

    Benefits of using the Philips Lumea

    It can be used anywhere

    One of the biggest advantages of Philips Lumea is that it is a portable device that can be used anywhere. This is a very convenient feature and some Philips Lumea devices do not need to be plugged into the power outlet to work.

    Smart Sensor

    The Philips Lumea has a Smart Sensor that understands and detects skin tones. It adjusts the hair removal settings based on the person's skin tone. Even if the person's skin is tanned, it can detect the skin tone.

    Works on all parts of the body

    The Philips Lumea is suitable for hair removal on all parts of the body. It has special attachments designed for specific parts of the body.


    Philips Lumea devices are designed to suit users' preferences. They come in both corded and wireless versions, and their sensors and curved design are very popular with all who use them.

    UV filters

    The Philips Lumea has a UV filter that ensures safe hair removal because it ensures that the emitted light only affects the hair follicles and not the skin.

    Short treatment time

    The Philips Lumea devices take very little time to treat hair: 1.5 minutes for the face, 8.5 minutes for the legs and 2 minutes for the bikini line and underarms.

    Can the Philips Lumea be used on pubic hair?

    The Philips Lumea can be used to remove pubic hair in the bikini area. However, it cannot be used to remove pubic hair directly in the genital area. Care must be taken not to use it in the intimate area as the skin there can be very sensitive and the IPL treatment can cause burns.

    How to use Philips Lumea for pubic hair?

    Skin preparation

    Shave, wax or epilate the intimate area and make sure the area is free of hair. This will increase the effectiveness of the IPL hair removal device and it only works best when the device is in direct contact with the skin. Then clean the area with a mild cleanser or soap and dry it completely without leaving any residue.

    Choose the right attachment and settings

    The Philips Lumea offers several attachments for different parts of the body. The bikini attachment is specially designed for hair removal in the pubic area. It is gentle and comfortable, making it best for treating sensitive areas. Test the Philips Lumea on your skin to find the exact settings for your skin tone and hair color.

    Hair removal treatment

    After the first two steps, position the device as suggested in the instructions for use. Make sure the device is in full contact with the skin for best results, otherwise the treatment may not go well. Once a white light appears, the device is ready to emit a pulse of light. After that, the skin will begin to feel warm and you can apply the treatment to the area as desired.

    How to use the Philips Lumea correctly?

    Do a patch test first

    Perform a patch test 24 hours before treatment. Test the device on a small area of ​​skin. If no irritation occurs, you can continue using the device, otherwise you should seek the opinion of a dermatologist.

    Make the right settings

    Philips Lumea devices detect skin tone and hair color through their Smart Sensor. Set the device to the recommended light setting and use the required attachment for the body area.

    Shaving before IPL treatment

    Remove all hair on the skin before the IPL treatment by shaving, epilating or waxing. This will help to achieve the best results as there will be direct contact with the skin and the hair will not burn.

    Use a moisturizer to soothe

    Due to the heat after the treatment, the skin may feel a little dry and irritated. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer to help ease the discomfort.

    Possible side effects and measures to combat them

    • Skin sensitivity : This is a common consequence of IPL treatments as the skin is exposed to high levels of heat. During this time, irritation may occur. It is advisable to avoid further exposure to heat through hot showers, tanning and sunbathing.
    • Sunburn : A mild sunburn sensation is a side effect of IPL hair removal treatments. A cold compress or application of aloe vera gel should usually help resolve this problem.
    • Itching : The treated area may feel itchy. To manage this side effect, you can use over-the-counter creams to treat it. If the itching is caused by the formation of boils and blisters, you should see a doctor.

    What to do if the Philips Lumea doesn't work? Try the Ulike Air 3

    The Ulike Air 3 is an IPL hair removal device just like the Philips Lumea. It uses IPL technology to weaken the hair follicle and make it go into the resting phase and fall out naturally or grow weak and thin hair. It is the best alternative available for the Philips Lumea.

    Features of the Ulike Air 3

    Sapphire cooling technology

    This technology sets the Ulike Air 3 apart from all other IPL hair removal devices. It ensures that hair removal causes little to no pain.

    Fast treatment

    The treatment time of Ulike Air 3 hair removal is about 10 minutes for all body parts. There is an intensity level that is suitable for all body parts.

    Full coverage

    The Ulike Air 3 has a flash window of 0.7 seconds per flash and features an automatic gliding function that ensures maximum coverage of the entire body in a short time.

    Advantages of the Ulike Air 3 over the Philips Lumea

    Here are some comparisons between the Ulike Air 3 and the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal devices:


    The Ulike Air 3 produces faster results than the Philips Lumea. With the Ulike Air 3, you can see visible differences and a reduction in hair growth within three weeks of use. On the other hand, with the Philips Lumea, it takes more than 6 weeks to produce visible results.


    The Philips Lumea has separate attachments for different parts of the body. Without special attachments, the device cannot be used on the whole body. The Ulike Air 3, on the other hand, is equipped with an automatic gliding function that covers the whole body.

    Cooling technology

    The Ulike Air 3 is best known for its sapphire cooling technology, which reduces the pain caused by heat exposure, making for a virtually pain-free experience. The Philips Lumea does not have this feature and may cause mild pain during hair removal. In certain cases, this may cause skin irritation.

    Personalized settings

    Although the Philips Lumea has a smart sensor that detects skin tone and hair color, the Ulike Air 3 offers different modes that are best suited for certain areas. You can Power mode for daily hair removal and Use Sensitive Mode for hair removal in sensitive areas.


    In some cases, the Philips Lumea is not the best solution due to the pain it causes on the user's skin. In such cases, the Ulike Air is the best choice. With its excellent sapphire cooling technology, automatic gliding feature, product design, and fast technology, it delivers the best results. The device has been developed with thorough research. It uses 21 joules of light to achieve salon-level hair removal. Moreover, its different modes suitable for different purposes make this hair removal device stand out from others and are appreciated by many.

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