Ist das Ulike Air 10 es wert? 10 Gründe, die dir die Antwort verraten

Is the Ulike Air 10 worth it? 10 reasons that will tell you the answer

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As one of the best IPL hair removal and laser devices for 2024, Ulike Sapphire Air 10 IPL hair removal device is creating a hype that makes people abandon their old ways of hair removal and use the most advanced IPL hair removal device on the market.

However, at €429, it's not the cheapest option on the market, so do you want to know if it's worth the price or if a cheaper option is better for you?

If so, then let’s talk about 12 reasons that make the Ulike Air 10 the best option in this price range.

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10 reasons why the Ulike Air 10 is worth it

Here are the 10 reasons why you should invest in a Ulike Sapphire Air 10 IPL hair removal device.

  1. The Ulike Air 10 features an ergonomic design with two lights

While the Ulike Air 3 had the most elegant and compact design, the design of the Ulike Air 10 is even more ergonomic compared to the features it offers.

The device is larger than other IPL devices. However, it is not as heavy as many gun-shaped devices and not as thick as oblong-shaped devices. Its shape is curved, making it easy to hold and gliding well over the body.

In addition, the window is equipped with double lights that deliver 4 pulse beams and enhance the effect of the IPL radiation on your hair.

  1. The SHR mode of the Ulike Air 10 makes removing most stubborn hair a breeze

Initially there was IPL devices with 5, 7 or even more intensity levels so you could customize the application. However, these intensity levels made it difficult to find the right device for you. Therefore, a device with 3 intensity levels offers more than enough energy to customize hair removal for normal, fine or thick hair.

The Ulike Air 10 also offers these 3 intensity options. But there is another option: Super Hair Removal. In this mode, the IPL intensity is at its highest, so that even the thickest, most stubborn and coarsest hairs can be effectively removed.

Men can use this mode for their beards and women can use it anywhere their hair doesn't seem to be affected by the overall intensity. This makes the Ulike Air 10 efficient in removing all types of hair.

  1. The Ulike Air 10 offers unmatched energy performance without stressing the skin

It is important to know that IPL devices can generally deliver an energy of around 10 J. This energy level is considered safe for use at home without additional protection mechanisms.

But with 10J of energy, it takes many weeks before you notice the results. So the goal of Ulike is to increase the energy without it being harmful to the skin. The Ulike Air 3 delivered 21J of energy and the Ulike Air 10 takes the energy output a step further with 26J.

Even at this energy level, the device is completely safe for home use as it is CE/FDA approved.

  1. The Ulike Air 10 comes with ultra protection mechanisms

Wondering how safe this energy output is for a laser hair removal device for home use? Well, let's take a closer look at the safety and protection mechanisms of the Ulike Air 10.

First, the Ulike Air 10's ice cooling technology ensures that the high-energy rays cool down when they touch your skin, preventing pain, redness, skin irritation and burns caused by the laser.

The device also has skin sensors and UV filters that ensure that the device only flashes when it comes into contact with a suitable skin tone, so there is no risk of accidentally damaging the skin or eyes.

That's not all. The Ulike Air 10's skin sensors adjust the intensity automatically, so you don't have to do it manually, at the risk of damaging the skin or performing ineffective treatments.

  1. Whether dermatologists, customers or influencers, everyone seems to love the Ulike Air 10

Since the Ulike Air 10 has only recently been released, we don't have many reviews from customers yet. But don't let that stop you, because the Ulike Air 10 is instantly loved by everyone who uses it.

In addition, the Ulike Air 10 has been tested with the help of dermatologists and laser surgeons, several influencers have tried it out and everyone is enthusiastic about the device.

For example, Dr. Sanober Pezad says:

It is commendable that Ulike has combined the latest science with technology and solved a major problem in the use of laser devices at home.

The influencer also recommends " What Would Lizzy Do the device because of its safety, practicality, painlessness, cooling mechanism and ease of use.

  1. The super-fast results of the Ulike Air 10 are confirmed by science

If you have ever used an IPL device or know someone who has, you know that treatment with most IPL devices requires patience and several sessions before you see hair growth slow down and hair fall out.

However, this is not the case with Ulike Air 10. You can see hair removal after just 2 weeks. The timeline of results is also confirmed by clinical tests in the SGS laboratory.

In this 14-day test, hair count was reduced by 73%, hair length by 83% and hair density by 97%. So in just 14 days, you will hardly notice any unwanted hair on your skin.

  1. The total cost of the Ulike Air 10 might surprise you

The total cost of all types of hair removal, including waxing, shaving, laser hair removal, and depilatory creams, runs into the tens of thousands of dollars. In contrast, the Ulike Sapphire Air 10 IPL device costs just $399. Not to mention, it's currently available at a discount.

This makes it the cheapest hair removal option when you consider the long-term costs. And even if you don't consider the costs, the side effects of other hair removal methods are worth the price compared to customer experiences with the Ulike Air 10.

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  1. The ice cooling technology of the Ulike Air 10 is state of the art

Ice cooling technology is nothing new when it comes to IPL devices that use it for pain relief, so what makes the Ulike Air 10's ice cooling technology better than the others?

Well, it is the next generation of ice cooling technology with effects that other devices cannot offer. This technology lowers the skin temperature to 18 °C. And not only that: this temperature lasts for more than 30 minutes, while the ice cooling of other devices only works for 10 to 15 minutes at most.

So if you are looking for a comfortable experience even if you have only used the device for 30 minutes, the Ulike Air 10 is for you.

  1. The Ulike Air 10 offers super-fast treatment sessions

The treatment mode of the device depends on how it is applied to the skin flashes . For large areas, you need a device that can “flash” continuously so that you don’t strain your thumb by pressing the button every time you move the device.

You also need a device with stamp light flashes for areas like nipples and breasts so that you do not accidentally touch the hairless area " flashes Another plus point of the Ulike Air 10 is that it has both modes.

You can " flash and also stamp. In addition flashes it’s super fast. As long as your skin is in good contact with the device and your skin tone is compatible with IPL, you can complete your hair removal from head to toe in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Imagine if you could manage laser hair removal in this time. Tempting, right?

  1. Customers experience the most comfortable hair removal ever with the Ulike Air 10

As mentioned above, there are currently only a few Ulike Air 10 customers to share their experience as the device was only launched about a month ago, so let's see what a Ulike customer says about her experience.

I recently received my Ulike Air 10 and have only used it a few times, but so far I love it! Before switching, I was using a different IPL system and the difference was like night and day. The cooling that Ulike provides is so good that I I hardly feel the “ flashing and the frequency of the Flashing is so much faster than the other device I tried. I hope the device also holds up to the promise of stopping hair growth as quickly as it is advertised since it holds up to speed and cooling!

Also, don't forget that Ulike is one of the world's leading brands in IPL hair removal, with more than 5 million devices sold, so it's a brand you can trust.

The final verdict

The Ulike Air 10 stands out from other IPL devices on the market due to its design, next-generation ice cooling technology, fastest treatments, short treatment time and clinical testing.

Also, its price seems pretty affordable compared to devices with similar features, so we conclude that the Ulike Air 10 is worth it and that this is the right time to order your first or your best IPL device.

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