Warum riecht Nair so schlecht?

Why does Nair smell so bad?

Depilatory creams like Nair can have an unpleasant smell that many people hate and want to remove at all costs. There are many ways to remove the smell of depilatory creams. In this article, you will learn why Nair smells so unpleasant and what simple methods there are to remove the smell from the body as quickly as possible.

Moreover, the item offers an alternative solution for hair removal instead of depilatory creams. It is known for not producing any foul smell while providing a better and longer lasting solution for hair removal than any depilatory cream on the market.

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What is Nair?

Nair is a registered trademark for a depilatory cream. Its manufacturer, Church & Dwight, has the motto No more hair which is possible through the use of certain chemicals that break down the hair above the top layer of skin. It is a completely normal depilatory cream that has a high market share in several countries.

For Nair to work, the user must apply a thick layer of cream to the body so that all hair remains covered under this layer. Allow the cream to work so that it breaks down the proteins of the hair strands, which then look like melted hair. Nair usually takes 4 to 8 minutes to work. After that, the cream can be wiped off to reveal hair-free skin. However, Nair leaves an odor in the treated area that many people find unpleasant or smelly.

What does Nair smell like?

Many depilatory creams have always been known to have a foul smell, while Nair prides itself on its distinctive smell, reminiscent of skunk. The smelly smell is a distinctive feature of Nair's depilatory creams that is accepted and embraced by many people.

Nair's depilatory creams contain hydrogen sulfide atoms, which are responsible for leaving a smelly odor on the skin even after you wipe the cream off.

Understanding Nair's foul smell

Here you will find out why depilatory cream smells so bad and, above all, why the smell of Nair lasts so long.


The ingredients used in Nair hair removal cream give it its unique skunk smell. It uses sulfur-hydrogen atom groups that destroy the keratin or hair protein through a chemical process.

Chemical reaction

Sulfur and hydrogen undergo many chemical reactions with the hair protein that can also cause a burning sensation. The burning nature of the chemical reaction causes sulfur and hydrogen to produce a skunk odor as part of their chemical reaction result.

Active Ingredients & Formula

Church & Dwight have added ingredients to their Nair hair removal cream to protect the skin from chemical reactions while also nourishing it. The active ingredients in Nair are calcium hydroxide and potassium thioglycolate.

Product variety

Not all Nair creams have the same stinky smell. There are many different products under the Nair brand name that smell different, e.g. orange, rose, etc. However, the Nair creams sold for men have a strong and powerful smell that defines masculinity, quite different and stronger than fragrances for women.

How long does the smell of Nair last?

The scent can stay fresh on the body for up to a day until the person eliminates the odor. Also, improper wiping can cause the odor to stay on the skin for a very long time. If you wipe off the cream properly and treat the odor, it can disappear within an hour or even less.

How to get rid of Nair smell?

Rinse with water

Wipe off the cream with a dry cloth or woolen cloth and rinse the treated area with water. This will rinse off any chemicals that may remain on the skin at a microscopic level and are the main cause of the smell.

Use fragrant scents

If wiping and rinsing the smell does not go away, you can apply a perfume of your choice after rinsing. Make sure to dry the skin thoroughly after rinsing and before applying a fragrance. The fragrance can be a perfume, deodorant or scented oil.

Apply oils

Sometimes chemical reactions can cause a burning sensation on the skin, which can cause the skin to smell bad even after rinsing. Apply an oil such as almond oil, coconut oil or aloe vera gel to mask the smell and nourish the skin at the same time.

Wipe off the cream thoroughly and ventilate the room

Simply wiping the cream off with a clean and dry carpet should eliminate the smell. People may still smell the foul smell if it has entered the room. Ventilate the room for some time and check again if the foul smell still persists. If not, then improper ventilation was the main problem.

Apply cream before bathing

If you feel that Nair leaves a long-lasting bad smell on the skin, you should use the depilatory cream before bathing. This way, all the chemicals and smelly atoms can be easily washed off the skin while bathing.

Use soap and water

If bathing is not an option after the Nair treatment and no other treatment works, wash the treated area with soap and water. If the smell still hasn't gone, apply some fragrant scents and see if the smell goes away.

Nair alternative for odor-free hair removal: Ulike Air 10

Using IPL devices is a much smarter and better choice when treating bad odor is far too time-consuming.

How do IPL devices work?

IPL devices use intense pulsed light beams to treat unwanted body hair:

  1. The IPL device must be placed on the treatment area and then you must press the flash button.
  2. An IPL beam shoots through the skin to reach the hair roots (in less than a second), which is a painless process.
  3. The hair roots absorb this light energy and convert it into heat energy.
  4. The heat then damages the hair follicles (without causing pain) and the hair begins to fall out.
  5. The new hair grows back very slowly, finer and less dense than the last time.

During the course of the treatment, the hair roots are damaged so severely that no more hair can grow back, which means the IPL treatment has been successfully completed.

Why is the Ulike Air 10 better?

Ulike is a much better and safer choice than depilatory creams:

  • After IPL treatment, users receive results that last for several months, which is not possible with depilatory creams.
  • Depilatory creams cannot slow down the hair regrowth, thickness, density and speed, causing the person to get into a never-ending loop of depilatory cream treatment. The Ulike Air 10 slows down the speed, thickness and density of hair growth as the person goes through the treatment.
  • Depilatory creams are expensive and can be a burden on your wallet in the long run, while the Ulike Air 10 is a one-time investment.
  • The Ulike Air 10 is painless and leaves a cooling effect on the skin.
  • You can use the Ulike Air 10 to remove hair in the intimate area.
  • The Ulike Air 10 is clean. Depilatory creams can make a mess when applied and wiped off.
  • Unlike depilatory creams, with the Ulike Air 10 you don't need to use cloths to wipe.

Ulike Air 10 - Special features to discover

  1. Sapphire Ice Cooling

This is a patented technology that leaves a soothing and cooling effect on the skin. This way, the IPL heat only acts on the hair roots, leaving the skin unharmed.

  1. Automatic detection of skin tones

IPL requires a light skin tone, while the hair color must be dark. The greater the contrast difference, the better the results. However, a body part does not necessarily have an even skin tone. The Ulike Air 10 detects the skin tone before each Flashing and adjusts the settings accordingly.

  1. Automatic treatment settings

The Ulike Air 10 has an automatic treatment setting that adapts to the hair type. The user only needs to select the treatment mode, e.g. normal, fast, high, etc. The different modes are suitable for different purposes, e.g. fast treatment, small area treatment, large area treatment, stubborn hair treatment, etc.

  1. Great job

The Ulike Air 10 has two IPL lamps that emit 2 IPL rays per flash. This causes the hair roots to absorb more light and produce more heat, accelerating results. Users can see hair reduction after just the first week or after 3 sessions. In addition, the energy is 26 joules, making the Ulike Air 10 even more powerful.


It is clear that some Nair variants can leave a smelly smell after treatment and many people have difficulty getting rid of it. There are so many options for treatment, but if someone feels that the treatment time and odor management waste a lot of time, there is a better alternative: an IPL device.

The Ulike Air 10 IPL device is a better solution that lasts much longer than depilatory creams and does not leave any bad smell. Moreover, it does not take much time to rid the body parts of unwanted hair.

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