Wie macht man Schamhaare weich? Experten-Tipps!

How to soften pubic hair? Expert tips!

Pubic hair is curlier, thicker, coarser and rougher than hair on other parts of the body for a reason. Additionally, this hair is naturally moisturized by the production of sebum in the pubic skin. Anything that leads to reduced sebum production will dry out the hair and cause itchiness on the skin.

You can remove all of it, but even trimmed hair won't give you any relief because of its hard, blunt ends. The only solution you have is to soften it somehow, right? In this article, you will learn how to soften pubic hair.

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Why is pubic hair coarse and curly?

Why is pubic hair coarse and curly?

As we have already said, they are coarser for a reason. The reasons are the following:

To absorb moisture

The skin in the pubic area also produces oils and the job of thick pubic hair is to absorb these oils and keep your skin sensitive and nourished.

To protect sensitive intimate areas

Pubic hair must be thick and curly to protect the underlying pubic skin and genital area.

To contain sexually transmitted diseases

Pubic hair serves as a barrier against sexually transmitted diseases because it prevents bacteria, viruses and fungi from the external environment from entering the genitals and skin.

Better love life

And finally, just like in animals, hair can bind pheromones and release them into the air. This was the case even before there were any care products for the intimate area.

They also reduce friction during intercourse and make your love life more pleasant.

Care of pubic hair

Ways to soften pubic hair

Hair doesn't have to be dry and annoying to work, right? So let's find out how to soften pubic hair easily.

Also, soft pubic hair is easier to remove. So, check out the methods to remove pubic hair .

  1. Moisturize the pubic hair with a conditioner

What do you use when your skin feels dry and itchy? A lotion, right? And what do you use when your scalp is rough? A conditioner, right?

A simple, unscented lotion will soften short pubic hair, while a conditioner will moisturize grown-out pubic hair. It not only moisturizes but also nourishes the hair, so the softening effect lasts longer.

  1. Regular care of pubic hair

Care of pubic hair The longer the pubic hair, the greater the friction between the neighboring strands of hair and the clothing. This friction makes the hair hard and rough. So if you keep the length of the hair under control, it will also become soft again.

Shaving is one option, but it can irritate the skin if you overdo it, so keep a pair of scissors or a trimmer handy and trim the hair as you see fit.

  1. Use oil rich in vitamin E

It also stimulates the skin to produce soft hair from within. However, if these oils are not available, baby oil can be a good substitute.

  1. Maintain your water intake

The key to a healthy pubic area with soft hair is to keep your body hydrated so that it produces enough oils to moisturize the skin and therefore the hair.

So drink 8 to 12 glasses of water every day and try to drink fresh fruit juices and healthy drinks. Also limit your caffeine and alcohol consumption as it leads to dehydration.

  1. Prevent pubic hair from tangling

If you leave your pubic hair uncared for a while, it will grow so long that it will become tangled. Coarse hair tangles more easily. And the friction caused by tangling increases the coarseness of the hair. So comb your hair to avoid tangles.

Try using a wooden comb and limit its use to pubic hair to maintain hygiene.

How to soften pubic hair naturally

There are also some natural home remedies that can soften pubic hair. These are listed below.

  1. Use a homemade natural scrub

A scrub helps remove ingrown hairs, unclog clogged pores, reduce pimples and cleanse the skin of dead skin cells. You can make a scrub for sensitive pubic skin by mixing honey, fine-grained sugar and coffee powder in a ratio of 1:2:2.

Apply the mixture to the pubic area and rub it in with gentle circular movements for 5 to 10 minutes. You can also leave this mixture on for a few minutes.

  1. Take a warm bath

The quickest and easiest way to deal with coarse and dry pubic hair is to take a warm bath. This is especially useful if you want to soften the hair before removal so that the razor glides more easily. Warm water softens the hair and also opens the pores. If you don't have time for a full-body shower, you can also just soak the pubic hair in warm water for a few minutes and carry on with your daily routine.

Take a warm bath

  1. Use a homemade moisturizing mask

A homemade moisturizing mask is another way to soften pubic hair. To make a mask, take a gentle body lotion with ingredients like shea butter and mix in a few drops of essential oils. Then apply it to the pubic area and massage until absorbed.

Also, you should never use Vaseline on such sensitive areas.

  1. Wear soft and loose clothes

A major cause of coarse pubic hair can be tight clothing that constantly rubs against the hair and worsens its texture, so wear skin-friendly, loose clothing.

Tips for pleasant pubic hair care

A good pubic hair grooming technique is important to keep it soft as it grows back, so here are some tips for comfortable pubic hair grooming.

  1. The correct shaving direction is crucial

Always shave your pubic area in the direction of hair growth. Even if this means you don't shave as closely, it will prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritations that make you itch. It will also help the hair grow back softer.

However, if you like well-grown pubic hair, you should opt for other hair removal options such as depilatory creams and wax.

  1. Try some permanent hair removal methods

Permanent hair removal methods are the best way to deal with coarse pubic hair because no matter how thick the hair is, it will become finer and softer after subsequent treatments.

The most practical method for treating pubic hair is IPL hair removal. For a comparison with other methods of permanent hair removal, see IPL vs. Electrolysis vs. Laser .


  1. Always lubricate the skin before removing hair

Dry shaving may be one thing, but you should never use a razor on your pubic hair without lubricating it.

So always use a moisturizing shaving cream to soften the hairs and prepare the skin for removal.

  1. Use products specifically for pubic hair

The pubic area is more sensitive than other parts of the body, so be sure to check the product information for any products you use to care for these areas to see if they are suitable for use in the intimate area. If not, look for a compatible product.


Although coarse and thick pubic hair is annoying and itchy, it protects your skin from injury, infection and damage to the pubic skin. But you should not worry because you can soften it with some simple products and methods.

The most important thing is to moisturize and nourish the pubic area to soften the skin and hair from within. Additionally, you can use oils, homemade scrubs and moisturizing masks to reduce the rough texture of the hair.

Finally, it is important to gently care for pubic hair using good grooming techniques to keep it soft and smooth.

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