Wie epiliert man Schamhaare ohne Schmerzen? (7 Tipps)

How to epilate pubic hair without pain? (7 tips)

If there was a prize for the most painful method of hair removal, it would undoubtedly go to waxing or epilation . Both methods involve mechanically removing the hair from the follicle. " ripped out . The only difference lies in the tools used. While waxing uses strips or hot wax to remove the hair, epilation uses special devices with special heads to grab the hair strands at the root and remove them.

Even if you have never epilated before, you can tell from the description that epilation does not promise much comfort. But many of us can tolerate the discomfort that comes with this procedure as long as the result is satisfactory and it is on less sensitive parts of the body such as the legs and hands. However, when you have to perform such a procedure on sensitive areas such as the pubic area or the face, the story is usually different. Even people who are pain tolerant are terrified at the thought of epilating their bottom.


But what if you knew how to epilate your groin area without pain? This means you can enjoy the benefits of epilation, such as longer regrowth time, smooth skin, instant results, etc., without experiencing the one major downside to removal - pain. The following tips can help you achieve pain-free epilation because they are tried and tested and work.

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7 tips for less painful epilation of your pubic area

  1. Use an over-the-counter pain reliever

Ibuprofen and paracetamol are two over-the-counter painkillers that you can take before or after epilation to help reduce any pain or discomfort you may feel after the procedure. If you want to use them as a preventative measure, you can take them 15 minutes before epilation so that their effect can match your sensitivity.

Since these are medications, the correct dosage is crucial. Therefore, you should ask your pharmacist for the correct dosage and stick to it. Even if you are still in pain, do not be tempted to take more than necessary. Ibuprofen helps suppress swelling and pain when removing the hair from its roots.

  1. Soak the area with warm water

Pubic hair is often coarse and long, with the skin pores being tightly closed in cold weather. But with a warm shower, the pores open and the follicles are less strong. In this state, you can epilate with little or no pain, and you can even run the epilator once.

As a warning: You should not use boiling water down there, as this is risky. In men, it can spermatogenesis and also cause scarring and skin burns. But when used correctly, many people have reported that it is effective in relieving the pain of epilation.

  1. Exfoliate before epilation

Skin cells, like most other cell types, are constantly dividing to make room for new ones. Without the conscious removal of dead cells and impurities from the skin, this sensory organ soon becomes dry and loses its radiant, healthy appearance. Exfoliating helps remove these unhealthy remnants and restore the smooth, hydrated nature of your skin.

In this healthy form, epilation is less painful. It also increases the efficiency of the device as it gets closer to your skin. But most importantly, the skin recovers faster after epilation if you exfoliate it beforehand. You can use a physical or chemical exfoliator, but it depends on your skin's tolerance. A physical exfoliator requires you to scrub, while a non-physical exfoliator requires you to apply an exfoliating cream to your body.

  1. Anesthetic creams can help

Another effective way to experience less or no pain when epilating your pubic area is to apply numbing creams. The active ingredients in these creams are prilocaine and lidocaine, so when choosing a numbing cream, make sure it contains one of these active ingredients. Many of these creams are available over the counter and they come with instructions on the amount you need to use. As with all medications, it is important that you follow these instructions.

Anesthetic creams

Numbing creams temporarily block your sensation of pain in the area of ​​your body you apply them to, allowing you to let your epilator run through. By the time they're done working, you've usually finished epilating and overcome the pain. And if you still feel discomfort, painkillers can successfully combat it.

  1. Shave a few days before epilating

The awkwardness that comes with having hairy pubic areas makes epilation even more painful. However, if you can reduce this by shaving three days before the procedure, the pain will be significantly less. Epilation is not like waxing, which requires long strands. With five millimeter strands, you can use your device to pluck and remove the hair. Plus, you get used to the sound and sensations of your device during the procedure.


After shaving, you should start epilating on the lowest setting. Epilators come in different speed settings, and the faster you set your epilator, the faster it will finish. However, higher speeds are associated with more pain and noise. If you start on the lowest speed, it will take longer to complete the treatment, but it will also help you get used to the device. It will also not hurt as much at the lowest speed.

  1. Avoid tilting your epilator

The way you hold your epilator can also increase or minimize pain. Any attempt to tilt the device can result in skin tearing or your pubic hair being forcibly removed. It's best to maintain a 90-degree position with the device lying flat against your skin.

  1. Try wet epilation

If your epilator can be used wet, try it in the bathroom on your pubic area. Similar to wet shaving, wet epilation is less painful because the epilator can then glide smoothly over your skin. Please note that a device that is only suitable for dry shaving will be damaged if used wet and could even lead to an electric shock.

Bottom line: It is possible to minimize epilation pain, but you can hardly eliminate it. Unless you combine an effective numbing cream with a painkiller, you will still have to deal with a few moments of pain before or after using this method.

While we cannot deny that epilation provides a reasonable vacation from unwanted hair, there is no reason why anyone should subject themselves to such unbearable pain when there are other methods that do not cause any inconvenience. Some alternatives are not only painless but also produce a long-lasting or permanent effect. One of them is the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) .


Intense Pulsed Light destroys hair from the root and also impairs the hair's ability to grow back by damaging the follicles. This method sends high-energy, broad-wavelength light into your skin, penetrating the epidermis and hitting the melanin in your skin. The heat generated by the melanin absorbing the light interrupts the hair growth cycle. With the right IPL device, you can permanently remove your pubic hair and other hair within weeks without any pain.

Many suppliers in the hair removal industry produce IPL devices that they claim to be painless, effective and safe, but none come close to what the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL handheld device offers.

About Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Device

This award-winning IPL device is the result of years of research to find a permanent solution to the side effects of handheld IPL devices. From the ergonomic design to the accessories in the box, Ulike left no room for mediocrity when developing this product.

To solve the pain problem, this brand has researched, developed and patented an ice-cooling technology that instantly eliminates the burning effect that the intense pulsating light causes on the skin. That's why you can also use this device on sensitive areas of the body such as the pubic area, bikini line, face and underarms.

Safety is key when choosing the best IPL hair removal device. Thankfully, Ulike has left no stone unturned in this regard. The speed settings and the included safety glasses ensure that you can work with the right light intensity while protecting your eyes. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this device as safe for personal use at home.

The biggest advantage of this handheld IPL device is probably the speed at which it produces results. With other brands, you have to wait at least six weeks before you see a 50% reduction in hair quantity and thinness, but Ulike offers over 70% hair reduction in just three weeks.


Epilating your pubic area without feeling uncomfortable sounds like a myth; it's almost impossible. Admittedly, the method is very beneficial because it provides smooth skin that can stay that way for weeks. But apart from the fact that it is not a permanent method of hair removal, the unbearable pain it causes should be reconsidered if you are considering it.

The seven tips in this article will help reduce pain, but they won't eliminate the pain. Only a pain-free method like IPL promises pain-free removal of pubic hair, and the Ulike Air3 IPL handheld device is right up there with it.

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