Funktioniert Nood wirklich? Nood Haarentfernungs-Ergebnisse!

Does Nood Really Work? Nood Hair Removal Results!

Hi everyone! This is Kathy Santhouse and I'm so excited to be writing for you. As you may or may not already know, I talk about fashion, style, beauty and related products, so if you like those things, I'll keep you entertained.

Today I want to talk about Flasher 2.0 by Nood. I have been using it for 8 weeks already. I unboxed the device 2 months ago and went through all the promises that Nood makes about the Flasher 2.0. Now I am here to share with you my results, the reality of Nood's promises and my opinion about this device.

So let's talk about it directly.

Table of contents:

How long does the application take?



Nood's official website says that you should use the device 2 times a week with the intensity level 6 or 7 in the treatment plan. And I can tell you that level 7 is the highest level. Usually with laser hair removal devices, it is recommended to start with the lowest level and work your way up.

So I first used the device on level 1 to check if it was suitable for my skin and to avoid possible side effects such as skin redness or burns. I didn't feel anything on level 1, so I went straight to level 7.

The treatment plan says to use it twice a week, but I use it every 3 days to maintain consistency and get results as quickly as possible.

Also included with the device is a neat little card that says to flash the device at least three times on each part of your body while using it at level 6 or higher. According to the website, the average treatment time is 10 minutes.


In reality, the device comes with a card that shows the exact treatment time for each body part separately. And I think this time is closer to the actual time than what is stated on the website. However, this time is only for flashing the device over one area once.

However, you have to flash the device three times, which increases the treatment time by three times or more compared to what Nood says. I used the Flasher 2.0 on my leg below the knee and it took 30 minutes. I only treated one leg, and only half of it. Then I used it on my face, underarms and bikini line. It took more than an hour in total.

So Nood sets unrealistic expectations. It would be better to specify the correct time for a treatment session. However, Nood's claims do not correspond to reality and it takes a very long time to perform a full body treatment.

Is it painless?

Is it painless


On the Nood website you can read that the device is completely painless and effective. It might be painless if you use level 1, but it would not produce any results. Likewise, effectiveness is only possible at level 6 or 7, but that would be associated with pain.


As far as pain goes, my experience with Nood hasn't been that good. Yes, it is pain-free, but only partially. The instructions say to press the Flasher 2.0 over your skin at a 90-degree angle. If you do that, using the device is relatively pain-free.

However, if it is not completely flat on the skin, you will feel a burning pain. Also, I wonder if the device has to be completely flat on the skin for it to work.

Well, if the legs are flat, it is not a problem to press it on it. So I did not feel any pain. But the part of the skin that was closer to the laser felt like a burning sensation and it hurt a lot when I used it on the irregular area of ​​my armpit.

The device also hurt on my face and bikini line, even though those areas are pretty flat, so I had to be careful not to burn myself on the flat areas as well.

Can it be used for Brazilian hair removal?



Another claim made by Nood is that the device is suitable for any part of the body where hair grows, including the Brazilian area. But that sounds a bit suspect. Let me tell you why.


As you already know, the Flasher 2.0 only works well when it is completely flat on the skin. I don't know how to keep it flat down there. Also, I have a feeling it could be extremely painful in my private area, considering my experiences with other parts of my body.

For safety reasons and for fear of burning my intimate area, I didn't try it there.

The reviews

Nood Review

Now let's talk about Nood's reviews and how it distorts those reviews. I took a screenshot of the reviews when I bought the device 8 weeks ago. There were 611 reviews with an average rating of 4.39 stars. That seemed good.

But I noticed the stars went up to 4.83 when I checked this morning after 2 months. Impressed? But wait, at 4.83 stars there were only 480 reviews? Where did the other 100+ reviews go?

For me, the only explanation is that Nood deletes negative reviews to improve its image. So it's super dubious. It's like the brand is screaming: I am not a trustworthy brand. ” And it is sad to convince people with such tricks.

My results - leg hair

Comparison legs


As for results, Nood claims that you will notice hair reduction and delayed hair growth within 2 to 3 weeks of use. And permanent reduction in hair growth is achieved within 6 to 8 weeks. However, my experience is different here too.


The pictures above show my legs between 3 and 5 days after shaving and 3 weeks after using the device consistently. You can see that there is not much difference. It is difficult to see this clearly in the pictures. But I felt that my hair growth was the same and there were no results.

After using the device for 5 weeks, I was unsure if it really worked. I'm not so sure because I might be desperate for a result.

After 8 weeks, hair regrowth was much less, but it didn't stop completely. There was still hair. So it's safe to say the device works, but it will take longer than Nood claims.

Also, I suspect that if I keep using it, my hair will disappear one day. I will keep you posted if you want.

My results - armpits

Comparison armpits


Noods claims permanent hair reduction within 8 weeks, with noticeable results within 3 weeks. However, the reality is quite different.


My experience with the armpits was very disappointing. My legs felt fine, but I couldn't notice any difference in my armpits.

Above is the picture of my armpits on the third day of shaving and the third week of using the device. You can clearly see that the hair remained the same. After 5 weeks there was still a lot of hair with no noticeable difference. After 8 weeks there was no difference again. So it is not working on my armpit hair.

The hair on my legs was shorter and thinner than in my armpits, so I assume the device worked on my legs but not my armpits.

However, the device didn't work well on my face or bikini line. Hair growth has reduced somewhat, but I still see a lot of hair.

I let my husband use the device as a test subject. He also couldn't see any real hair reduction. So he was skeptical too.

Final thoughts

Do I believe that Nood's Flasher 2.0 does everything it promises? Not at all. I found holes in all of its claims.

Do I think the device works? Partially yes! It worked on my legs, but not on my armpits, face, and bikini line, so I don't know why the results are so inconsistent.

For now, I plan to continue using the device once or twice and take a break during the holidays. However, I am tired because the treatment takes a lot of time and I don't even use it on my whole body.

Also, I'm curious if my removed hair will grow back normally when I stop using it or if the result is permanent, so we can talk about it again in a few months or so.

I would also like to know what experiences you have had with a laser hair removal device at home, whether it is Nood or another device.

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