Wie man das Wachstum von Gesichtshaaren bei Frauen stoppt

How to stop facial hair growth in women

Excessive facial hair growth in women, also called hirsutism, is mainly associated with hormonal disorders that stimulate hair follicles in the areas where hair does not grow. This unwanted facial hair disturbs the flawless beauty of women and forces them to remove the hair using various methods.

If you are a woman with hirsutism, we encourage you to try natural solutions to stop unwanted facial hair growth. Such solutions act on the cause of hirsutism and also provide additional benefits for the skin and general well-being. So, let us inform you about the causes and natural remedies to stop facial hair growth naturally.

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The causes of facial hair growth in women

The causes of facial hair growth in women

It is important to know the causes of excessive facial hair to know how to stop facial hair growth permanently. These causes are listed below:

  •       Genetics and ethnicity: Additionally, women in South Asia and the Mediterranean are more likely to have excessive facial hair growth.
  •       Age: Hair begins to grow during puberty and reaches its full length in adulthood. Changes in facial hair growth can also occur at age 50+, during menopause and during pregnancy.
  •       PCOS: PCOS is a syndrome in which androgen production in the ovaries is imbalanced. It leads to a complex of symptoms that includes hirsutism.
  •       Obesity : In overweight people, the fat content is higher and this fat is converted into cholesterol hormones, which affects hair growth in women.
  •       Birth control pills and steroids:Birth control pills and steroids are anabolic hormones that can disrupt the body's hormonal balance, leading to hirsutism.
  •       Stress: Stress increases cortisol and androgen levels in the body by stimulating the adrenal glands, which leads to excessive facial hair growth in women.
  •       Idiopathy: There does not necessarily have to be a cause for excessive facial hair growth. It can also be idiopathic.

Natural remedies for facial hair growth in women

Natural remedies for facial hair growth in women

The remedies listed below can be your solution to stop facial hair growth in women naturally.

  1. Papaya and turmeric face pack

While you can use both separately to make your own homemade facial hair removal packs, using them together will give you better results.

Papaya contains papain enzymes that inhibit hair growth and turmeric contains curcumin, which reduces inflammation and unwanted hair.

  1. Alum, oil and rose water

Alum has the ability to put hair follicles into a dormant phase, thereby reducing unwanted hair regrowth. It also has abrasive properties that help in removing unwanted hair from the root .

However, alum alone is a bit too harsh for the skin when applied, so you can add rose water and oil to it to counteract the abrasion and make it gentle.

  1. Tea tree and lavender oil

Tea tree and lavender oil are two of the best facial oils that give the skin a healthy glow and also reduce hair regrowth. Both oils have the property of controlling and balancing the stimulation of the adrenal glands.

As a result, fewer androgens are produced, which helps to naturally stop facial hair growth in women.

  1. Orange peel, lemon peel and oat flakes

Orange peel, lemon peel and oat flakes Orange and lemon are both skin lightening fruits. Their peels also contain a large amount of vitamin C. When the lemon and orange peels are dried, ground into powder and mixed with oatmeal, facial oil and rose water, a paste is formed that sticks to the unwanted hair and removes it through friction.

In addition to removing hair, this paste also lightens hair color and makes it less visible.

  1. Lemon, honey and sugar

Lemon, honey and sugar are heated over a low flame to create a thick, sticky paste that can quickly remove unwanted hair from the face. Because it removes hair from the root, hair regrowth decreases over time and eventually stops.

In addition, it is less painful than waxing.

  1. Topical use of licorice

Licorice is used in various skin care ranges because of its anti-aging, skin shine, sun protection and anti-inflammatory properties, among others.

In addition, it helps in removing unwanted hair and reduces its density, quantity and thickness in the long term.

  1. Lemon juice and potato juice

Although they are not directly related to removing unwanted hair, lemon juice and potato juice have lightening properties that can be used to bleach hair and make it less visible on the surface of the skin.

Also, you can add lentils to these juices to make a paste that helps in removing unwanted hair.

  1. Gelatin and milk

Gelatin and milk Gelatin has the ability to melt into a paste that sticks to hair and hardens when it dries. So, take gelatin powder, add milk and heat it in the microwave to make a face mask with a runny consistency.

A thin layer of this mask on the face becomes a peel-off mask. When this mask is peeled off, it removes the unwanted hair and also reduces its growth.

  1. Chickpea flour and rose water

Chickpea flour and rose water are two ingredients that tackle unwanted hair by abrasion to remove it from the surface of the skin.

Chickpea flour can be used for this mask. It has the added benefit of exfoliating and moisturizing the skin.

  1. Egg and corn starch

Egg whites also dry to form a peelable mask and cornstarch is a paste-like material that sticks to the hair, so if you mix the two, apply the mask to the areas with unwanted hair and peel it off as it dries, the unwanted hair will be removed.

It also helps to tighten the skin, reduce pores and fade wrinkles.

Lifestyle changes to stop facial hair growth naturally

Lifestyle changes

The natural remedies mentioned above cannot stop facial hair growth immediately. However, they do reduce regrowth in the long term. With lifestyle changes, you can stop facial hair growth in women naturally and permanently. These changes are described below.

  1. Sports and Yoga

To regulate facial hair, you first need to keep an eye on the hormone levels in your body. And one of the best ways to do that is through exercise, whether it's a workout at the gym or yoga.

When you exercise, the androgens are used to build muscle and provide energy, not for the hair follicles. Regular exercise can therefore prevent the growth of excess facial hair.

  1. Weight reduction

We have already talked about the causes of hirsutism in women. Being overweight is one of the main causes, as it stimulates the production of androgens and increases the risk of insulin resistance, both of which lead to unwanted facial hair growth.

Losing weight through diet, walking or exercise can have a positive effect on the body's hormone balance and reduce the production of unwanted hair.

  1. Control stress

Control stress

Stress increases the level of steroid hormones in the body and also causes an imbalance of follicle stimulating hormones. Therefore, you need to calm yourself down by meditating, getting enough sleep and worrying less about the events in life.

Additionally, you can undergo therapy and acupuncture to combat stress. You will see facial hair reduction as you become happier and more relaxed.

  1. Less unhealthy food

Processed meals, fast food, refined products, artificial sweeteners, inorganic dairy products and inorganic refined oils can increase the production of testosterone and estrogen in the body, leading to PCOS and hirsutism.

Also, dehydration can make symptoms worse, so reduce your consumption of such foods and try to eat natural and organic foods to stay in shape. Also, increase your water intake.

  1. Eat anti-hirsutism foods

Anti-hirsutism foods If you're wondering how to permanently stop facial hair growth in women with food, here are the best foods you can try.

  •       Supermint tea:Supermint is one of the best herbs that keep the production of testosterone and other androgens in check. The best way to use supermint is to drink a cup of supermint tea every day.
  •       Soy: Soy has antiandrogenic and estrogen-balancing properties.
  •       Green tea: Green tea has similar properties to super mint tea when it comes to reducing hair growth.
  •       Lettuce: Lettuce promotes weight loss and hydration. It also contains trace elements that can be helpful in hirsutism.
  •       Fruits: Apricot, papaya, sweet potato and carrots are good for reducing hair growth.
  •       Crimini mushrooms: They contain a vitamin B complex that permanently reduces hair regrowth by controlling excess weight and the production of steroid hormones in the body.
  •       Kernels and nuts:Peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and almonds are rich in vitamin E and vitamin B. These lower the testosterone level in the body.
  •       Cinnamon: It helps prevent insulin resistance and regulates blood sugar levels. With the positive effects of hormonal regulation, it is good for unwanted hair.
  •       Licorice Root: Licorice has a direct effect on testosterone production. It is the main cause of hirsutism.
  1. Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements

Supplements have many roles in the body and of course in reducing hair growth. They help keep unwanted hair at bay by lowering testosterone levels in the body, regulating prolactin, improving insulin resistance, reducing weight and improving overall body and facial health.

So it's time to include the following supplements in your diet plan.

  •       Zinc supplements
  •       Inositol supplements
  •       copper
  •       Folic acid
  •       Saw Palmetto Supplements
  •       Vitamin supplements include vitamin B complex, vitamin A and vitamin E.

Stopping facial hair growth in women with IPL hair removal

Ulike Natural remedies and lifestyle changes take a long time to take effect, so if you want to remove unwanted hair and prevent it from growing back permanently, IPL hair removal is the way to go. It offers the following benefits:

  •       Relatively painless
  •       The results last for half a year or longer
  •       No bumps, ingrown hairs or red legs
  •       Long-term investment
  •       Fast hair removal and fast results

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FAQs about facial hair removal

Is it safe to use homemade remedies to remove facial hair?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use homemade facial hair removal remedies to get rid of unwanted hair at home. The good thing about these natural homemade remedies is that they provide additional benefits to the skin like hydration, shine and anti-aging.

However, they need to be applied repeatedly several times a week for several months to be effective, which makes the process tiring.

How long does it take for natural methods to stop facial hair growth in women to work?

Stopping facial hair growth in women

It takes quite a while for the natural methods to reduce hair growth in women to take effect. At first, each method must be repeated 2 to 3 times a week. Within 3 weeks, you will see the first results and it may take 6 months or up to a year for the hair to stop growing.

However, it may take longer and the hair may grow back after a while, so these methods are only temporary. So you have to be patient and not expect too much.

What foods can I eat to naturally stop facial hair growth in women?

You can eat foods rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals to reduce unwanted facial hair growth in women. These foods include fruits like apricots, vegetables like spinach, salad like lettuce, nuts like almonds, seeds like sunflower seeds and more.

Are there herbal supplements that can stop facial hair growth in women?

Yes, there are several herbal preparations that stop facial hair growth in women. These include super mint tea, green tea, black cohosh, saw palmetto and chaste tree.

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Natural methods that can stop facial hair growth in women include face packs that remove the hair and thin it out as it grows back, but it can take a long time to see results.

In addition to masks, lifestyle changes are more helpful in stopping hirsutism caused by hormonal intervention. Finally, vitamin supplements and herbs are good for treating unwanted hair as they regulate testosterone production in the body.

In addition, you may experience an allergic reaction when using one of the homemade masks, so be sure to consult your dermatologist before trying such a treatment.

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