Braun Series 9 vs. Philips 9000 Prestige: Welcher Rasierer ist besser?

Braun Series 9 vs. Philips 9000 Prestige: Which shaver is better?

Electric shavers are becoming increasingly popular as a skin-friendly and effective alternative to razors. They capture and trim facial hair without irritating or agitating the skin. They also protect the skin from razor cuts, ingrown hairs, bumps and nicks.

So if you are looking for a razor with high-quality workmanship, ergonomic design, strong shaving performance and long battery life, you have come to the right place, because we present you two devices with these features.

Braun Series 9 and Philips 9000 Prestige shavers. While both are efficient at cutting hair and shaping beard, they also have some differences. These differences include the type of razor blade, the cleaning station, the noise during operation and some more.

In this article, we will discuss these differences so that you can buy the razor that meets all your needs. So read the information below to decide which of the two razors is better.

What is the Braun Series 9

What is the Braun Series 9?

Braun, the subsidiary of Gillette, was founded by Max Braun. In the 1950s, Braun began producing electric razors and today has a large number of affordable and high-quality razors.

Braun Series 9 is a series of electric shavers from Braun. It was launched in 2015 as the world's most efficient and particularly gentle electric shaver. The series includes 8 electric shavers, 6 of which are regular and 2 are professional shavers.

This series features 5 shaving elements, an advanced digital display, a lithium battery and sonic vibration. So you can experience a safe, gentle, close and efficient shave. The shaver also has additional features such as a headlock and a precision trimmer.

What is the Philips 9000 Prestige?

What is the Philips 9000 Prestige

Philips is one of the leading companies that manufactures electrical appliances, healthcare products and personal care items. The company also produces highly efficient electric shavers that gently trim even the thickest hair.

The Philips 9000 shaver gives you a particularly close and gentle shave. The shaver has integrated skin comfort blades that form a protective layer between the blades and the skin. This allows the shaver to glide gently over the skin and makes shaving comfortable.

The Philips 9000 Prestige shaver series is designed to adapt to the beard with an ultra-flexible suspension system, a beard adjustment sensor and nano precision blades.

Braun Series 9 vs Philips 9000

Now that you know the basics of these two exceptional shaving ranges, let's look at how they compare in different aspects.

1. Design: Winner - Philips

Both devices are made of high-quality material and have an ergonomic design.

The Braun Series 9 electric shaver is heavy and has a thick body. Its dimensions are 6.18 x 6.18 x 9.12 inches and it weighs 2.14 pounds. In contrast, the Philips has a slim and elongated body. Also, its dimensions are 10.04 x 6.3 x 4.17 inches and it weighs 1.57 pounds.

Thanks to its lower weight and slimmer shape, the Philips 9000 Prestige fits better in the hand and is easier to use.

2. Shaving elements: Winner - Philips

Braun and Philips use different types of razor blades. The Braun Series 9 has a foil blade system. It comes with 5 shaving elements, including 2 shaving foils, 1 direct and cut trimmer, 1 lift and cut trimmer and a skin guard.

The Philips shaver uses a rotating blade system. It has 3 separate rotating blades. These blades also feature foils that rotate in a circular motion. It also features nanotech precision blades, skin comfort rings and beard adjustment sensors.

The Braun Series 9 is more effective at trimming and shaping the beard while protecting the skin. However, the Philips is a better shaver as it captures the hair better as its protective layer protects the skin and its sensors adjust the device to the beard.

Shaving Elements Winner Philips

3. Shaving experience: Winner - Philips

The shaving experience of both devices is very similar, as both provide a comfortable, smooth and close shave. In addition, both electric shavers are very powerful.

The Braun shaves at 40,000 strokes per minute, while the Philips shaves at 150,000. However, the obvious difference is in the movement along the curves of the face. The Braun shaver only moves back and forth as it works on the hair, whereas the Philips 9000 shaver moves 360 degrees on the skin.

In addition, the Philips shaver easily adapts to the contours of the face, which makes shaving a mustache easier than the Braun device. In addition, the Philips 9000 shaver makes absolutely no noise during shaving. However, the Braun shaver is not as quiet.

4. Smartcare Station: Winner - Braun

Smartcare Station Winner Braun

Like other Braun shaver series, the Braun Series 9 has an intelligent care station. This multi-purpose station is used to charge, clean, oil and dry the shaver. After shaving, you can simply place the device in the station. You don't have to do anything manually.

In the case of the Philips, there is no such station. At most, it has a travel case and maybe a QI station for charging. So you have to clean it manually with its cleaning brush.

So the Braun Series 9 shaver is the better device in this regard as it keeps the user’s comfort in mind.

5. Battery life and charging time: Winner - Tie

The Braun Series 9 electric shaver takes 60 minutes to fully charge. The battery lasts for 50 minutes. Additionally, a 5-minute quick charge can help you trim your beard once or twice if you forget to fully charge the device.

The Philips 9000 series has two types of models that can be charged using either an adapter cable or a QI charging plug. With the adapter, the battery is fully charged in one hour, while with the QI station, it takes 3 hours to charge the shaver. Its battery life is also 60 minutes. It also offers a quick charge for 1 shave.

A battery life that is 10 minutes shorter is a disadvantage of the Braun series. The long charging time of the Philips shaver with QI station is a disadvantage, so it's a draw.

6. Digital Display: Winner - Philips 9000

A digital display makes the device more practical by showing the important parameters digitally. Both devices have digital LED displays.

The Braun Series 9 display shows the charge level, remaining battery power, cleaning indicator, replacement indicator, travel lock and connected power cord indicator. On the other hand, the Philips 9000 Prestige displays the remaining battery percentage, working mode, cleaning reminder, travel lock, device overheat warning and blade replacement indicator.

The Philips' LED display is better because it shows the battery percentage and also has an overheat warning.

7. Wet/Dry Shave: Winner - Tie

Electric trimmers are chosen for the convenience of dry shaving. Here you don't need any shaving gels or foam as the trimmer can do all the work without damaging the skin.

When it comes to wet/dry shaving, both devices are equally good as they are both waterproof, can perform dry shaving competently and are also compatible with wet shaving.

With both types of shaving, the razor blades must be replaced at regular intervals. With Braun it is 18 months, with Philips 24 months.

8. What's in the box: Winner - Brown

What is in the packaging Winner Braun

The Braun Series 9 comes with the Braun electric shaver, the cleaning and charging station, the cleaning brush, the cleaning center and refill cartridge, a smart plug and a travel case. So you get all the accessories you need to use, clean and transport the device.

The Philips 9000 Prestige device comes with an electric shaver, a precision clip-on trimmer, a power cord and a travel-friendly case. Here, Philips limits itself to a few essential accessories.

The accessories do not affect the efficiency of the device. However, they help to extend the life of the device and make it user-friendly. Therefore, Braun has the edge here with a larger number of accessories.

9th Prize: Winner - Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9 electric shaver costs $269.99 while Philips 9000 Prestige shaver costs $289.96. When compared to similar features, Braun Series 9 is the winner as it is more affordable.

Comparison table

Let's take a quick look at the comparison table of Braun Series 9 and Philips 9000 Prestige to choose the device with the features you prefer.


Braun Series 9

Philips 9000 Prestige



6.18 x 6.18 x 9.12 inches

10.04 x 6.3 x 4.17 inches



2.14 pounds

1.57 pounds


Razor Type




Exchange time

18 months

24 Months


Loading time

1 hour

1 hour


Battery life

50 minutes

60 minutes


LED display




Dry/wet shave




Cleaning unit




Cutting performance per minute

40,000 cuts per minute

150,000 cuts per minute


What's in the packaging

Braun Shaver

Charging and cleaning station

Cleaning brush

Smart Plug

Travel case

Refill cartridge

Philips Shaver

Travel case

Power cable

Precision trimmer







Braun Series 9 and Philips 9000 Prestige are the latest shavers from both companies. Both are practical to use and offer satisfactory end results. The choice of one of the two shavers depends entirely on personal preferences and requirements.

If you value ease of maintenance and low price, the Braun Series 9 is a better choice due to its charging station and low price.

However, if you are looking for a device with a more comfortable shaving experience and silent operation, we recommend the Philips 9000 Prestige.

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