Die 10 besten Lippenstiftmarken der Welt im Jahr 2023

The 10 best lipstick brands in the world in 2023

Lipstick is a woman's best friend. Because makeup is incomplete without the right lipstick. From natural and nude to bold and dark tones - lip color defines personality and boosts self-confidence.

However, choosing a lipstick with perfect consistency, good pigmentation, waterproof formulation and moisturizing ingredients is not easy. You are probably wondering which lipstick suits you best from the wide range of types such as creamy, matte, glossy, liquid and satin.

You may also be wondering which brands have a wide selection of high-quality lipsticks. That's why we're introducing you to 10 of the best lipstick brands in the world.

A good quality lipstick should not be too sticky, should not be drying, should not streak and should not bleed. Many of the top international brands produce long-lasting and moisturizing lipsticks that also smell nice. So let's find out more about these luxury brands.

Comparison table

Below are the top 10 lipstick brands in the world in 2023.


Brand name


Founded in






Coco Chanel





Thomas Lyle Williams


MAC Cosmetics



Frank Toksan and Frank Angelo





Guillaume d'Ornano Armand Petitjean





Christian Dior


NYX Professional Makeup



Toni Ko


Covergirl Outlast



Noxzema Chemical Company





Charles Revson







NARS Cosmetics



François Nars

1. Chanel


Official website: Chanel fashion company

Instagram: @CHANEL

The most popular lipsticks

  • Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour
  • Luminous Matte Lip Colour Tri Set

Chanel is not only an inspiring fashion brand, but also one of the leading makeup brands in the world. Therefore, it is also a leader in the world of lipsticks. The lipsticks have a creamy, lip balm-like texture that moisturizes the lips and makes the lip color long-lasting.

The lipsticks have an elegant and sophisticated design, so they fit well in any luxury bag. In addition, they are very pigmented and come in a wide range of colors, ranging from light lipsticks to a dark burgundy collection, making them suitable for any occasion. Chanel lipsticks are compatible with all skin types and all skin tones.

2. Maybelline

Official Website: Maybelline New York

Instagram: Maybelline New York

The most popular lipsticks

  • Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Lipstick
  • Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick
  • Maybelline Lip Studio Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint

Maybelline is a top-notch and reliable makeup brand that is well distributed worldwide. It offers a wide range of different types of lipsticks. Be it ink sticks, liquid lipsticks or semi-matte lip colors, Maybelline has it all.

Maybelline is famous for its long-lasting super-stay lipsticks. The lipsticks are also transfer-proof. So, after 5-10 minutes of drying time, Maybelline lipsticks last for 10-16 hours without smudging or transferring.

Finally, Maybelline is also one of the most affordable brands that offer fine and high-quality lipsticks.

3. MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics

Official Website: Mac Cosmetics

Instagram: MAC Cosmetics

The most popular lipsticks

  • MAC Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy
  • MAC Cremesheen Lipstick
  • MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Ruby Woo
  • Viva Glam Lipstick

MAC is a makeup brand that has a lip color for every skin tone. And most of the shades suit light, medium and brown skin as well. MAC also makes the brightest red lip shades that also last a long time.

MAC is also known for its environmentally friendly actions as it produces cruelty-free products. The company has also introduced Mac recycling and return to Mac to protect our mother earth.

Also, Mac is one of the most expensive makeup brands in the world. But its products are cost-effective because they last long.

4. Lancome


Official website: Lancôme Paris

Home Social Media: Lancome Official

The most popular lipsticks

  • Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Cream Lipstick
  • Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in Crushed Rose
  • Lancome Lipstick L'Absolu Rouge Intimatte

Lancôme is a luxury beauty brand that aims to combine French values ​​and elegance with modern trends. It is famous for its luxurious and premium skincare and makeup products.

It produces lip colors that make you look fresh and make your complexion appear more radiant. In addition, Lancôme lipsticks are available in a variety of shapes and types. The special thing about the lip colors is that they glide smoothly over the lips, moisturize the lips and provide a long-lasting finish.


Official website: DIOR

Instagram: DIOR Beauty Official

The most popular lipsticks

  • Rouse DIOR Liquid Lip Stain
  • Dior Addict Stellar Halo Shine
  • Dior Couture Color Comfort
  • Dior Rouge Matte Metal Color

Dior, just like Chanel, is a fashion house that also produces high-quality and fashionable makeup. It has made its name in the list of best lipstick brands 2023 as it produces lipsticks that give women a "new look", new and attractive.

Dior Rouse Liquid Lip Satin is the most popular lipstick of this brand. It offers more than 15 shades and produces lipsticks in 3 different textures: matte, metallic and satin. In addition, all lip colors are highly pigmented and waterproof, so the makeup lasts for several hours.

6. NYX Professional Makeup

NYX Professional Makeup

Official Website: NYX Cosmetics

Instagram: NYX Professional Makeup

The most popular lipsticks

  • Lip Lingerie Push-Up Long-Lasting Lipstick
  • Nyx Frappuccino
  • Nyx Tea Rose
  • Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

NYX offers a reasonably priced and high-quality range of makeup products all over the world, but it is most popular in India, which shows that this American brand makes perfect cosmetics for Asian people.

At NYX you can find lipsticks, lip liners and other lip products, but also eye and other make-up products such as foundations, eye shadows and eyeliners. The brand also produces vegan and cruelty-free products.

7. Covergirl Outlast

Official Website: CoverGirl

Instagram: COVERGIRL

The most popular lipsticks

  • Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipstick
  • COVERGIRL Outlast All Day Two-Step Lipcolor
  • COVERGIRL Continuous Color Lipstick Midnight Mauve

Covergirl Outlast is an amazing drugstore brand. The lipsticks are formulated to have a matte finish. Besides, there are some shimmery shades as well. Along with the lipsticks, there is a lip moisturizer that can be used to prevent dryness caused by matte lipsticks.

The lip colors do not transfer when you eat or drink. What's more, a single application is enough to give your lips a long-lasting color. Covergirl is a cruelty-free makeup brand. And it's easy on the wallet, too.

8. Revlon


Official website: Revlon

Instagram: @revlon

The most popular lipsticks

  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral
  • Revlon Color burst In Hazelnut
  • Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor
  • ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

Revlon is a brand known for its cosmetics, skincare ranges, fragrances and hair care. It is also one of the top brands that make reliable lipsticks. The lipsticks come in a variety of colors and shades. Some have a matte finish, while others are glossy.

In addition, it produces unique lipstick colors that are not often found on the market. One such shade was Lime Green Conga Lime, which was produced in the 1970s. The lipsticks feel light and comfortable on the lips.

9. FentyBeauty

Official Website: Fenty Beauty

Instagram: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

The most popular lipsticks

  • The Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer
  • Icon Velvet Liquid Lipstick
  • Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

Who doesn't know Rihanna's brand? Just like her voice, her lipstick line is exceptional. It is one of the best-selling and most affordable lipstick brands. Rihanna wants her lipsticks to be comfortable because she believes makeup should never feel like a uniform.

Plus, Fenty Beauty offers a wide range of lipstick colors that will suit every light to dark skin tone, so if you're looking for a lipstick brand with the latest and freshest shades, check out Fenty Beauty before your favorite lipstick sells out.

10. NARS Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetics

Official Website: NARS Cosmetics

Instagram: NARS Cosmetics

The most popular lipsticks

  • Nars Rouge À Levres Audace Lipstick
  • Nars Satin Lipstick
  • Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil

Last but not least, we have NARS cosmetics in the list of best lipstick brands of 2023. Nars is known for making exceptional lipsticks. The brand started with a collection of 12 lipsticks and now has about 60 of them.

The lipsticks are available in matte, transparent and satin finishes and contain moisturizing ingredients and fruit extracts that give them a creamy consistency and a moisturizing feel.


In this post, we have broken down the top 10 lipstick brands in the world. Some brands like Dior and Chanel have made a name for themselves in both the fashion and makeup world. While brands like MAC, Maybelline and Lancome have been some of the most well-known makeup brands for decades.

The newest brands like NYX and Fenty Beauty are also doing an amazing job of making high-quality lipsticks with a beautiful finish. Also, NARS is famous for its lip and cheek colors.

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