Alles, was du über die Elektrolyse der Oberlippe wissen solltest

Everything you need to know about electrolysis of the upper lip

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If you are fed up with frequent hair removal sessions and want a permanent solution, you may be looking for electrolysis. This is a fantastic innovation that is effective enough to permanently remove the hair on your upper lip. The secret behind this magical technique is the use of very little electrical current that destroys the hair follicles. And when the hair follicles are no longer able to regrow hair, your hair will soon fall out again.

We have designed this article so that you can find all the information about electrolysis or laser for upper lip, side effects of upper lip electrolysis, how to prepare for upper lip electrolysis and much more.

Table of contents:

What is electrolysis?

During electrolysis, your beautician uses a very fine probe and inserts it into your hair follicle. Then a very small shock of electricity is delivered so that the hair follicle is damaged. The damage is so great that the entire follicle is no longer able to regrow hair.

This ingenious technique works on each hair individually. This means that for each hair on your upper lip, the tiny probe is reinserted. This makes the whole process very tedious, even if the area to be treated is very small, but the wait and the pain are absolutely worth it.

Different types of electrolysis techniques

  1. Electroplating

This is a very effective technique for coarse hair and has a very high level of precision. This method involves applying a direct current to your hair follicle. This electrical current turns the salt and moisture from your body in the follicle into sodium hydroxide. Once this happens, the follicle is damaged and you will not see any further hair growth there. If you have unruly hair, then this is the best treatment for you.

  1. Thermolysis

This is a high frequency electrolysis that uses alternating current. When alternating current is applied, a lot of heat is generated in your hair follicle, destroying it completely. This will treat your hair growth in that area.

  1. mixture

The mix is ​​a hybrid or combination of galvanic and thermolysis processes, where you are treated with alternating and direct current at the same time. This causes some chemical reactions to take place in your hair follicle and generates a lot of heat. This increases the effectiveness because you get the power of two techniques at once when removing hair from the upper lip.

Why should I have electrolysis for hair removal on my upper lip?

You get long-lasting results

Even with IPL hair removal techniques, you will not get permanent results. However, if you want permanent results, electrolysis is the best solution to get rid of upper lip hair forever.

It has a high precision

A tiny probe is inserted for each hair. This is what makes the whole technique so highly precise. If you compare it to laser hair removal, you would get rashes and redness around the treated area. This does not happen with electrolysis because it only works on the treatment area and leaves the surrounding regions unaffected.

It works on numerous hair and skin types

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis does not cause melanin to absorb light rays, making this method effective for all hair colors and skin tones.

Costs for electrolysis of the upper lip

Let's focus on the cost of electrolysis of the upper lip.

Geographical location

  • Big cities (e.g. New York City, Los Angeles) : $80 – $150+ per hour.
  • Medium-sized cities (e.g. Atlanta, Denver) : $60 – $100 per hour.
  • Small towns and rural areas : $50 – $80 per hour.

Size of the area to be treated

  • Small areas (e.g. upper lip, chin) : $30 – $70 per session.
  • Medium areas (e.g. underarms, bikini line) : $50 – $100 per session.
  • Large areas (e.g. whole legs, back) : $100 – $200+ per session.

Type of electrolysis method

  • Galvanic electrolysis : Prices are generally similar for all methods.
  • Thermolysis Electrolysis : Prices are generally similar for all methods.
  • Mixed electrolysis : Prices are generally similar for all methods.

The competence of the electrologist

Experienced and highly qualified electrologists can charge higher prices, usually about 10-20% more than average.

Duration of the session

  • 15-minute session : $20 – $50
  • 30-minute session : $40 – $80
  • 60-minute session : $70 – $150

Package offers

Many electrologists offer discounted rates if you purchase multiple sessions in advance. These can vary widely, but a common range might be:

  • 3-Session Package : $150 – $300
  • 6-Session Package : $300 – $600
  • 12-Session Package : $600 – $1,200

Prepaid prices (for larger areas or longer treatments)

Some people choose prepaid pricing for long-lasting hair removal for larger areas or longer treatments.

  • Full Beard Package (multiple sessions) : $1,000 – $2,500
  • Full leg package (multiple sessions): $1,500 – $3,500
  • Annual price for follow-up treatments : $800 – $2,000

How do I prepare for upper lip electrolysis?


A consultation would be a good opportunity for you to talk to your doctor so that you can get the most out of your upper lip treatment.

If you are planning to have electrolysis treatment for your upper lip, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment with your trusted doctor. Talk to them about your wishes so that they can tell you exactly how to proceed with the treatment.

You can talk about your skin sensitivity, your treatment needs, your allergies and your individual precautions during treatment.

Avoid other hair removal methods during the treatment

If you also perform hair removal at home, such as shaving or plucking, you should stop doing this. Remember that when you perform electrolysis, you are complicating the area with other hair removal methods such as plucking, waxing, threading, depilatory creams, etc. This is because the electrolysis method kills the hair follicle and using these treatments can make it difficult for your electrolysis to work properly.

How does electrolysis work?

  1. Cleaning the area

As with any other hair removal technique, you must first clean your treatment area. You can wash your face with soap and water right in the salon.

Wipe your face with a towel. We recommend using a terry cloth towel as it absorbs water very well.

  1. Inserting the fine probe

Now it's time to insert a very thin probe that is designed just for electrolysis. Your electrologist will target each hair individually and insert the probe for each hair. Usually they aim at the hair follicle.

Many people worry about pain or discomfort as a very fine probe is inserted, but this should not be a problem.

  1. Applying electrical current

The electrologist makes sure that the penetration site is correct and has reached the hair follicle. He then applies a very small amount of electrical current, just enough to completely damage the hair follicle.

Once this happens, some chemical reactions take place in the follicle. Again, you will feel sensations in the area of ​​your upper lip, but try to stay calm.

  1. Hair removal

When the follicle is destroyed, it loses its strength and that is the right time to remove your hair. The roots become so weak that your electrologist can gently wipe the hair from your upper lip.

To remove the hair, he will most likely use tweezers because that is the best method.

Before and after results of electrolysis

When you undergo electrolysis treatment, your visible hair should disappear immediately, as seen in the upper lip before and after electrolysis picture above.

Should I have my upper lip treated with electrolysis or laser?

Whether you choose laser or electrolysis treatment for your upper lip depends on what exactly you want.

When should you choose electrolysis?

  1. If you want long-lasting hair removal

Since electrolysis completely damages the hair follicles, there is no chance of hair regrowth on your upper lip after the treatment. If that is what you want, then opt for electrolysis treatment because it will give you long-lasting results.

  1. If you have light and fine hair

Please remember that electrolysis works very well on fine and light hair, unlike laser technology which may fail on such hair. The best thing about electrolysis is that you can always get the best results regardless of your hair color.

  1. If you have enough time

Electrolysis takes the most time to treat even a small area because your electrologist has to target each hair individually. And if the hair density on your upper lip is very high, the treatment will take even longer. So if you have time, you should opt for this treatment only then.

  1. If you can't stand much pain

Although a fine probe is inserted, it is designed in such a way that you hardly feel any pain. This is why electrolysis is one of the least painful methods of hair removal, best suited for those who cannot tolerate pain.

When should you choose laser hair removal?

  1. If you are in a hurry

If you don't have a lot of time to invest and want a quick treatment with a long-lasting result, then laser hair removal is much better for you than electrolysis.

  1. If you have dark hair and light skin

With laser hair removal, the melanin in your hair absorbs all the laser light. However, if you have dark skin, it is difficult for the laser light to reach the melanin in your hair. Instead, it will reach your skin cells, defeating the purpose of the treatment. Therefore, laser hair removal is only suitable for you if you have dark hair compared to your skin tone.

  1. If you want long-lasting results

Although electrolysis provides long-lasting results, if that is not your priority and you only want a long-term result, laser hair removal is best for you.


How many electrolysis sessions are needed for the upper lip?

There are so many factors that determine how many sessions you will need for your upper lip electrolysis treatment. Ideally, you can still expect 10 to 25 sessions. Some important factors are your hair type, hair density, the behavior of your hormones and how your body reacts to the process.

How long does electrolysis of the upper lip take?

Typically, each electrolysis session lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. But remember that the exact time depends on how much pain you can tolerate and which electrolysis method you have signed up for.

How often is electrolysis for upper lips performed?

How often electrolysis for the upper lip is performed depends on how well your body responds to the treatment, but you should still attend a session every two weeks or fortnight. Sometimes this can be up to 3 weeks or even a month. Only your electrologist can tell you exactly when you should book your next session, and even then they may need to check your progress first.

Are there any side effects to electrolysis of the upper lip?

Yes, since electrolysis is a cosmetic procedure, it can cause redness, discomfort, hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, etc. Rare allergic reactions can also occur, which is why professional advice is very important.


In this article, we've explained the entire process of electrolysis, when you should get the treatment, what the pros and cons are, and much more. Often people are unsure whether to get laser treatment or electrolysis, so we've listed when you should get both treatments done.

Remember that it doesn't matter what others say, in the end it's your decision. If you've decided to have electrolysis, it's a good idea to consult your doctor first.

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